Best Productivity Blogs to Follow in 2023

Productivity blogs are the latest obsession for everyone and are very much in trend. Many professionals and influencers frequently discuss how to increase productivity while attempting to overcome flaws.

Of course, with the correct attitude and perspective, you can win in 2023. However, at times, external support and boost is required, and that’s what productivity blogs can help you with. But how can you tell what would work best for you?

With so many such blogs online, it can be hard to find the right one for you. This is why I have curated a list of top productivity blogs that I believe can help you find the right direction.

So, without any further ado, let’s get to them:

1. Mark Manson

You will get the best guidance that is meaningful and worth it and takes you closer to your goals.

Mark Mason, the number one best-selling author in the New York Times, blogs about numerous topics, including relationships, productivity, psychology, philosophy, and society.

He writes in a captivating, highly readable style and Is not afraid to use the odd curse word, which gives his work personality and humor.

Regularity is the price to pay. The blog is not updated too frequently, but is it truly a problem? Should I publish just because of this reason? You could spend hours reading if you go through the stories because the titles are so clickable and compelling. He usually writes about his real-life Experiences. That is what makes his blogs magnetic.

2. 99U

99U enables you to complete more tasks more effectively. This resource site offers stories, guides, tips, events, and experiences that assist you in improving your successes and developing your career. This blog links with Adobe. This blog will guide you in improving your work and bringing your best ideas to life.

99U blogs are very innovative and productivity-related. Among the themes it covers are psychological concerns, amazing design concepts, and the career stories of creative people. For aspirational beginners and pros, interviews with the person who was successful in their creative occupations would be fascinating.

His psychological papers on motivation, attention, and self-confidence develop and combine theoretical knowledge with useful advice. They are helpful for people who want scientifically supported suggestions on how to improve their work environment, attitude, and, ultimately, career.

He emphasizes developing creativity and offers advice on navigating entrepreneurship and achieving the ideal work-life balance.

3. Scott H Young

Are you interested to see someone who learned four languages in a year, completed the four-year MIT baccalaureate in computer science in just ONE YEAR, and improved his portrait sketching abilities significantly after 30 days? Scott H Young is the man.

Follow Scott Young’s site if you need some healthy productivity motivation. Along with some outstanding work, he has over 1000 articles divided under categories like social skills, discipline, business, and career.

With his precise advice and direction, you can achieve your greatest dreams thanks to his amazing accomplishments. Think of Tim Ferriss-like goals that are even more precise and, at times, mysterious when you read his writing. He encourages his readers to improve their lifestyles through hard work and effort.

4. James Clear

James Clear studies behavioral psychology and productivity in his blog using research studies and interviews. I appreciate his skill in relating scientifically supported facts and statistics to accomplished individuals in meaningful authentic contexts.

One of his most read pieces is on the General Manager of the UK professional cycling team, Dave Brailsford, and his strategy to win the Tour de France by 1% Improving everything they did. They won the two Tours de France.

Besides offering excellent material, his website is fantastic. Excellent, honestly! His great pieces are highlighted and arranged by category in a very natural and intuitive manner, and all of his advice is practical and effective.

Perhaps James Clear is most known for writing Atomic Habits, a book that is a must-read. On his site, he also offers a ton of free advice on many topics, including creativity, decision-making, focus, habits, life lessons, motivation, self-improvement, and efficient productivity.

5. Lifehacker

Lifehacker is more than just a blog on productivity. Its catchy slogan encourages you to do everything better. More than any other category has been included in my top 10, it Includes a wide range of topics, such as parenthood, money, house, and food and drink.

It demonstrates that the real purpose of the site is very diffuse.

However, the blog’s Work section is unquestionably valuable enough to be shared here. It includes contributions from notable leaders and intellectuals who share their productivity advice. This vast network of contributors has both advantages and disadvantages because it allows for regular content updates and a variety of viewpoints but also makes it difficult to determine from whom you should be accepting advice.

Lifehacker is in one and complete deal sort of site for you. Office workers, everyday people, aspiring business owners, and a wide range of other individuals frequently see his blogs to improve their productivity. Statistics show that throughout the past few years, It has maintained a respectable viewership. He has acted as a forum for the engagement of advice, and life hacks. His great concern is to boost your productivity.

6. Michael Hyatt’s

Michael Hyatt’s straightforward yet noble goal is to support you in winning at work and succeeding in life. In 2021, the website, originally famous as Michael Hyatt & Company, changed its name to Full Focus and stepped up many things it was already doing very effectively.

In addition to a blog category specific to productivity, Full Focus also offers you wealth-free content on subjects like leadership, personal development, and entrepreneurship, so managers and leaders will benefit from this site in different ways. You can also avail of podcasts and downloadable resources.

His blogs contain different topics. You will find articles containing intriguing content and a lovely hero image. The posts can occasionally be brief and direct, which is OK. They also center on precisely what functions the best.

Michael Hyatt draws your attention by offering advice on how to win in your personal and professional life. This blog provides information for you if you desire to excel in your health, relationships, intellectual development, hobbies, passion, and productivity. It speaks of a multifaceted achievement that enhances the quality of life for everyone in your immediate vicinity.

Michael was the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and a well-known business author. He frequently shares his success stories to inspire aspiring business owners and professionals.

7. Productivity 501

Productivity501 very much does what it says on the tin when it states that it is trying to provide parts of the productivity puzzle.

One of the content subjects is productivity. There are also topics on technology, development, organization, money, and time, providing a wide range of topics for you to enjoy the benefit.

Mark Shead has written the majority, if not all, of the information on Productivity501.

He is a software engineer by training. His qualification offers his perspective on productivity a useful scientific Perspective.

Another uninteresting productivity blog with cliched advice on increasing productivity and handling a bully boss? No. It offers practical—though not always obvious suggestions for bringing harmony, order, and efficiency into your working environment.

You can find non-trivial publications in them, like ideas on the relationship between battery life and productivity, sloth and talent, and the effectiveness of verbal communication on paper.

8. Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina is an authority on personal development, and his blog is just that—his blog!

To put it another way, as you go through his work, you can tell that his blog is personal and focuses on work and productivity.

You will find his notions theoretical and framework based than pleasant to receive advice from someone whose whole emphasis is growth and development, especially knowing You are receiving it right from the Horse’s mouth to speak so.

The reason Steve is writing about productivity and growth is also Obvious. He creates insightful opinion posts that go beyond simply trying to increase traffic.

Currently, this is one of the most well-known websites for personal growth. Here, you can find motivation and inspiration to carry out your regular chores and schedules while developing as an aware person.

9. The Muse

The Muse platform exists to help people in becoming the great professionals they can be. It gives you advice on how to be more productive in your employment, which will ideally help you advance your career and land a dream job.

The Muse provides you with productivity advice based on careers. The Muse will support you along your career path if you want to advance your career and land a dream job. You can find out how to correctly launch your professional career, find the ideal employee, and explore unusual career choices.

This blog offers sincere guidance from career bloggers and knowledgeable coaches to develop a more competent workforce. You can benefit from their content to advance your skills and knowledge.

10. Tim Ferriss Blog

The best-selling Four-Hour Work Week of Tim Ferriss may have come on your radar. He is among Fortune’s 40 Under 40 and Fast Company’s Most Innovative Business people. He invests in technology and advises you few well-known digital firms, including Uber and Facebook.

He makes contributions to prestigious publications like Forbes, Fortune, and Forbes.

Almost every one of you may benefit from the variety of content on Tim’s site that can help you become more successful and productive. His blog has several popular categories, including mental performance, 4-hour case studies, and entrepreneurship.

You can listen to Tim’s well-known podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show.

You might find it interesting to know that Tim Ferriss has over 700 million downloads, over 10.000 5-star reviews, and three consecutive wins for Best of Apple podcasts. If it does not convince you, I am not sure what will.

Tim Ferriss offers the best productivity and leadership advice, who uncovered the secret of working no more than four hours per week.

Need for a Productive Mindset

Efficiency and productivity are necessary for business owners and IT experts. Through the aforementioned productivity blogs, discover what in your professional life most interests you.

The ten items on this list are the ones I considered to be the most beneficial, informative, and practical. They are unquestionably the ones you ought to look at if you want advice to increase your productivity.

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