11 Best Mind-mapping Software for Personal Productivity

Ever thought about a great idea that would craft you into the next Warren Buffet, only to wake up the following day to forget the little pieces that made the concept so tremendous and unique? It’s indeed a horrible feeling.

Worst of all you were pretty sure you did never forget something so meaningful that could change your life. That feeling should surely top your horrible feelings list.

Sacrificing time to write down ideas when you visualize them is probably the best way to remember them. However, sometimes just remembering them is never enough. There’s a lot more required to bring your ideas to life. While writing surely helps in this regard, it can prove to be overwhelming, leading you to make huge mistakes.

This is where digital mind mappings can help you. They give you the flexibility that a piece of paper cannot do.

So, What Exactly is Mind Mapping Software?

Mind mapping software programs are capable of organizing and structuring your ideas no matter how big they might be. They promote collaboration and allow you to attach additional files to support your idea.

Which mind mapping software to choose is a big question. Since there are many such programs available, it’s easier to feel confused when it comes to the selection of the best one. To help my readers deal with this confusion, I have come up with a detailed guide on top mind mapping software guide.

Read ahead to know more!

Top 11 Mind Mapping Software Programs

1. MindMeister

Supported platforms: (Web, IOS, Android, macOS, Windows)

Mindmeister is a web-based platform that enables you to share ideas visually. This award-winning mind mapping software has over 9 million users taking notes, planning projects, and brainstorming tasks. While there are many advanced features to talk about, the presentation mode takes the cake. Furthermore, it also enables team members to vote against ideas and give their feedback on them.

Features and Functionality

  •       Different themes
  •       Mixed map layouts
  •       Presentation tools
  •       Expandable Notes
  •       Attachments
  •       Focus Mode

MindMeister Pricing

  •       Basic plan – Free
  •       Personal plan- $2.49 per month
  •       Pro plan – $4.99 per month
  •       Business plan – $6.29 per month

2. MindGenius

Supported platforms: (Web, IOS, Windows)

MindGenius lets you create work breakdowns of your project structure from your plan with ease. You can break down ideas and understand the goal of the project. It comes with a collection of mind-mapping templates to implement your ideas faster. You can arrange your plans using appealing photos from the MindGenius image library. However, it’s not suitable to be used for complex projects.

Features and Functionality

  •       Dashboard and reports
  •       Taskboard
  •       Customizable templates
  •       Integration
  •       Timeline
  •       Public projects

MindGenius Pricing

  •       Monthly Subscription – £12 Inc. VAT
  •       Annual Subscription – £120I nc. VAT

3. SmartDraw

Supported platforms: (Web, IOS, Windows)

Whether you are a beginner or a professional designer, SmartDraw can prove to be just the right tool for you. It’s diagram software with abundant features.

SmartDraw makes it easy to quickly create quality diagrams, thanks to its vast library of templates with smart, helpful panels useful for integration options. This software comes with secure sharing collaboration. You can also use it to import, export, and modify Visio.

Features and Functionality

  •       Intelligent Formatting
  •       Integrations
  •       Visio Import and Export
  •       Development Platform
  •       Engineering Power

SmartDraw Pricing

  •       Individual – $9.95 per month 
  •       Team – $5.95 per month
  •       Site – $2,995

4. Coggle

Supported platforms: (Web, IOS, Windows)

Coggle is a mind-mapping software that makes it easy to visualize complex information. It has a simple interface that allows users to create elaborate maps. This mind-mapping software is particularly useful for students as it enables them to accomplish tasks in just a few minutes, thanks to the collaboration option.

Features and Functionality

  •       Multiple starting points
  •       Unlimited private diagrams
  •       Supports floating text and images
  •       Powerful flowcharting
  •       Maintains a history of changes
  •       Realtime collaboration
  •       Unlimited image upload

Coggle Pricing

  •       Basic plan – Free of cost
  •       Awesome plan – $5.00 per month 
  •       Organization plan – $8.00 per month

5. Cacoo

Supported platforms: (Web, Windows 7+, macOS)

Cacoo is an online drawing software that can help users create diagrams. Trusted by over 2 million users, it lets users create organization charts, wireframes, UML and site maps, mind maps, and more. This platform offers integrations with other apps like Confluence, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You can export from Cacoo in various formats once you are done creating.

Cacoo is a useful tool for web designers and developers. It comes with a real-time collaboration feature, making it ideal for developers around the globe to work together effectively.

This diagram software gives you several pre-designed templates for different tasks. You can edit the text of each pre-made object, which is another added convenience. Cacoo also gives you the flexibility to add extra shapes and symbols using a drag-and-drop feature.

Features and Functionality

  •       Cloud-based collaboration
  •       Exporting options
  •       Embedded diagrams
  •       Integrations
  •       Dynamic charts
  •       Revision history
  •       Multi-user editing
  •       In-app video and chat

Cacoo Pricing

  •       Free for small projets
  •       Plus plan – $6 per month
  •       Team plan – $6/user per month

6. MindManager by MindJet

Supported platforms: (Windows, macOS)

MindManager is visualization software that helps in organizing, brainstorming, and presenting business plans. It is a very intuitive tool that enables users to create professional and sharp maps.

With the help of this software, you can address key business productivity pain points by visually connecting ideas, information, and people to save time, improve business processes, and drive innovation. It is easy to use and has a high resolution of text, good integration with MS Office apps, and Zapier integration. Moreover, it has a built-in browser pane for quick research.

It is perfect visually, offers all the features you will need, and contains so many templates and add-ons.

Features and Functionality

  •       Built-in templates
  •       Filtering
  •       In-app tutorials
  •       Drag and drop

MindManager Pricing

  •       Free Trial
  •       Essentials – $99 per year
  •       Professional –  $169 per year

7. Mindomo

Supported platforms: (macOS, Linux, Windows)

Mindomo has proven to be an efficient solution for teachers and students due to its excellent slide presentation feature. It allows users to add videos and audio directly from the web to their maps/slides with ease. Moreover, this tool makes it easier for students to present their maps as they can do it directly from the application.

With one click the presentation mode can be activated, and users can show how their ideas were developed through the interactive diagrams.

Features and Functionality

  •       Beautiful layouts
  •       Platform independent
  •       Allows audio and video importing
  •       Offline-online synchronizations
  •       Variety of templates
  •       Integrations
  •       Collaborative editor

Mindomo Pricing

  •       Free Version (Desktop)
  •       Subscription– €5..5 per month
  •       Desktop Premium– €90.00

8. XMind

Supported platforms: (windows, macOS, Linux)

XMind provides developers with an intuitive interface that features easy-to-use templates. It offers a simple and straightforward way to map ideas with the help of abundant features.

This award-winning software program comes with a powerful presentation feature that makes mind mapping very productive and informative. With XMind, you can present your ideas using the Gantt view approach.

Features and Functionality

  •       New themes
  •       Presenter view
  •       Smart algorithm
  •       Tree table
  •         Zen mode
  •       Outline

XMind Pricing

  •       Monthly Subscription – $5.99 per month
  •       Annual Subscription – $59.99 per month
  •       Academia Discount plan – $34.99 per year
  •       Government/Non-Profit Organization Discount plan – $41.99

9. LucidChart

Supported platforms: (IOS, Web, Android)

Lucidchart is a browser-based application that brings various useful features and templates to your disposal. This mind-mapping software makes it easy to create professional diagrams.

You can access LucidChart from any device that is connected to the internet. Once you have created mind maps using this tool, sharing them with other users is no longer a hassle because of its seamless ‘sharing’ features. It can be integrated with applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, to help facilitate the projects of users.

Lucidchart is easy to use and also offers guides on how to use this software for beginners.


Features and Functionality

  •       Business process mapping tool
  •       Group chat and comments
  •       Business process modeling
  •       Concept maps
  •       Database design
  •       Fully integrated

Lucidchart Pricing

  •       Basic Plan – Free
  •       Individual – $7.95 per month
  •       Team – $9 per user

10. MindMup

Supported platforms: (IOS, Web, Android)

Like most mind mapping software, Mindmup enables students to structure their ideas before creating a final product. It can be an essay, iMovie, presentation and the list goes on and on.

Mindmup allows photos and attachments to be associated. The function means that each node can be given a value, and every level of the map is totaled automatically in the “parent” node. Maps can be exported, shared, and saved to Google Drive or Dropbox.

This mind-mapping program can handle many complex tasks. Map adjusts automatically to a suiting arrangement whenever you add a node. This offers great utility to students since they no longer have to spend a lot of time fiddling with arranging nodes to make sure everything is visible and connections are clear. It does it all by itself.

Features and Functionality

  •       Activity dashboard
  •       Create storyboards
  •       Collaboration
  •       Project tracking
  •       Plan and manage projects
  •       Allows attachments
  •       Publishing/sharing on social media
  •       Presentation tools

Mindmup Pricing

  •       Free users plan
  •       Personal Gold plan – $2.99 per month
  •       Organizational Gold plan – $100 per year (all users included)

11. SimpleMind

Supported platforms: (macOS, Windows, iOS, Android)

SimpleMind provides solutions for both remote and desktop mind map creations. This software is known for its customizable visuals and smoothness on devices. When using SimpleMind, you can create any mind-mapping diagram, ranging from daily itineraries to business tasks.

The node editing tool is quite simple. You can make almost any move even without hitting any buttons. SimpleMind’s distinguishing feature is its mobile app. If you want to be able to display, create or mind maps both on a mobile device and a computer, SimpleMind is a wonderful solution.

Features and Functionality

  •       Multi-platform compatibility
  •       Enterprise-level safety
  •       Social media sharing
  •       Smart formatting
  •       Real-time collaboration
  •       Outline
  •       Dropbox Integration

SimpleMInd Pricing

  •       SimpleMind Free plan
  •       Subscription Plan – $59 per year ($4.92 per month)
  •       Lifetime Plan – $118 
  •       Lifetime Bundle Plan – $234

It’s a Wrap

To sum it up, mind mapping is a unique experience. However, it depends on the software you have selected. Take advantage of the free trial plan on all of these mind-mapping apps before selecting your winner.

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